FR Quest:Block Loblog's Bog Log  

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To Start: Speak to Vrock Gravelfist in Blackspore Swamp.
Vrock Gravelfist says,"A dwarven writer named Block Loblog died at the outpost before it was destroyed, but he kept a log on their operations for a book he wanted to write.

It's said they buried him with his notes. If you find his log book, it might have some answers! "

Vrock thinks that Block Loblog's log could help us find clues as to what this mystery is all about.
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  • Ask Iliya about the Log.
  • Find Block Loblog's Bog Log
  • Return to Iliya
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The bog log is just off the path when heading toward the back part of the Sinking Graveyard.

Dwarven Expertise Blackspore Swamp
Quest Series
Consumed by the Past
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