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To Start: Speak to Lugabow in Greenwood Camp.
Lugabow says,"Agility is important for archers to master if they wish to succeed on the battlefield.

Several target dummies will appear, with the first one appearing behind me. You must touch all of the targets before time runs out. Don't worry if you fail; you can try again if you want to. "
Follow the green directional arrow and touch all six of the target dummies before the timer runs out.

Lugabow says, "You are as agile as a cat. Excellent Work!"
This is a Timed quest.  This quest will advance the Archer job.

Touch all of the target dummies before time runs out.
  • Touch the first target dummy!
  • Touch the second target dummy!
  • Touch the third target dummy!
  • Touch the fourth target dummy!
  • Touch the fifth target dummy!
  • Touch the sixth target dummy!
  • Return to Lugabow
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