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To Start: Speak to Mr. Miles in Durango Zoo.
Mr. Miles says,"We can't let the smugglers win! They won't be able to lure the animals away with food if we keep them well fed. Perhaps you could gather some fresh feed?

A good stock includes bundles of rainleaf, punkin, and sunleaf.

Lakeshore has a farm just soutn of the zoo across the bridge. "

Mr. Miles wants you to gather some food for the animals to eat. Once you turn in the bundles to Mr. Miles, return to Bowman Bilter.
This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Archer job.

Gather some food for the animals at the zoo and return to Mr. Miles.
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  • Travel south of the lake to Lakeshore Fields. Click on any Lakeshore Bushel to begin the Lakesfield Harvesting minigame to harvest the food items required.
  • Depending on luck and your harvesting skills, you may have to play the minigame more than once.
  • Use the Lakeshore and Stillwater Crossing warpstones for faster travel.
  • Bowman Bilter is near Passwind Pass, just north of Blackspore.

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