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To Start: Speak to Bullseye in Crossroads.
Bullseye says,"Something has Bowman Bilter spooked and he needs backup. He's my best scout, but he's trigger-happy with his poison arrows. You'd be wise to bring some antidote with you... just in case.

You don't have any? Very well. Bring me nectar from pink azaleas in Blackspore and I'll make you some. "

Bullseye wants you to collect some pink azaleas. The azaleas grow in Blackspore at the base of trees, and are a bright pink color.
This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Archer job.

Collect some poisonour pink azaleas from Blackspore Swamp.
  • Collect pink azaleas - 0/10
  • Return to Bullseye
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If you are having trouble finding these flowers: From Bullseye, hit the main path and head west through the tunnel into Blackspore. Once out of the tunnel, begin looking to your left (NW). You should immediately see the sparkling pink azaleas around the base of the trees, the first sitting right next to the path.

Archer: Achieve Level 10 Archer
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