FR Quest:Another One Bites the Muck  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ed Sullenfangs in Blackspore Swamp.
Ed Sullenfangs says,"It's time to show off your moves! Join us as an honorary member of the family and put on your favorite vampire outfit.

We'll see you at the dance-off! "

Join the vampires in the dance-off, and show those werewolves who's got the scariest moves! Put on your vampire outfit to join, or your moves won't count for judging.

  • Equip a Vampire Costume
  • Join Team Vampire in the dance-off
  • Return to Ed
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Closing Comments

Ed Sullenfangs says, "What sublime moves you can pull off, *Character Name*. We'll make you an honorary vampire for showing us your support!"

Vampires' winning cake
Vampires' winning cake


  • To complete this quest, you will need to purchase a costume or costume bundle from the SC Marketplace.
  • Any of the following items will advance the quest, when you equip it:
  • There is a world-wide announcement, every half hour, to let you know when the dance-off is about to begin. It occurs on the pathway in front of Bone Bog Cemetery.
  • Once the dance-off is over, make sure you get your extra reward by clicking on the winning team's cake. It's either a Vampire Cake Slice or a Werewolf Cake Slice.
  • Once you complete this quest, you can participate in the dance-off whenever you want. Your reward will just be the slice of cake. So equip a costume and dance away!

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