FR Quest:A Trip to the Swamp  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Greyli Dustywings in Queensfields.
Greyli Dustywings says,"That Ethan boy ran off to Blackspore with my spectral spectacles. They're not a toy!

Those spectacles allow normal folks like you and me to see ghouls and ghosts.

If you can fetch my spectacles for me, I'll let you see for yourself! "

Greyli Dustywings has asked you to help him recover his spectral spectacles from Ethan in Blackspore.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 750 
Recover the spectral spectacles from Ethan in Blackspore.
  • Speak to Ethan
  • Find the spectacles in the Blackspore graveyard
  • Return to Greyli Dustywings near Sanctuary
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The spectacles are right outside the Bone Bog Cemetery.

Closing Comments

Ethan says, "I just borrowed the spectacles 'cause I wanted to see what a real ghost looks like. I went up near Bone Bog and put them on -- and there they were!!! I was so spooked, I dropped the spectacles. If he wants it back, you'll have to search the graveyard. No way am I going back there!"

Greyli Dustywings says, "What?! That Ethan boy broke my spectacles? I know it's not your fault. In fact, with your help, I bet we can fix them."

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