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Protect the Hive
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Protect the Hive center

Defend your lands against hordes of monsters by placing towers and other defenses strategically along the pathways. Don't let the beasties get to the hive. The Queen is counting on YOU!

This is a Tower Defense minigame, and can be started at any Bixie Defense Table.

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The standard strategy for any Tower Defense game is to stack your forces near the entrance with over-lapping fields of fire and mixed types. This approach actually works very well with this game.

Protect the Hive - Medium
Primary: Defeat all the waves of attacking monsters! (25 waves)

Secondary: Build 4 Bixie Towers!

Bonus:  Upgrade 3 Honey Bixie Towers!

Bonus: Don't build more than 2 Stinger Bixie Towers

Elite: Score 260,000 points
  Difficulty:      Starting Coin: 30

Bludwyng's Tips

On this map you have enemies entering from 3 directions. The good news is, the bottom entrance always goes to the left edge and up, and the top-right goes straight along the top to the other corner, so concentrate your firepower on the left side, top and bottom. It is advised that for the first wave you go for three Stinger Bixies on the bottom-right, and 3 stonger Bixies with a Honey Bixie at the top, towards the left. Later you can start adding in Bixie Towers and Druid Bixies in the major choke points for the serious damage. Still, in every wave, the high rate of fire and medium range makes the Stinger Bixies your best and most economic choice.

Cyliena's Tips

These tips are more focused on the Medium difficulty setting of this game. For Easy or Hard difficulty setting, adjust your focus on upgrades appropriately.

Protect the Hive - Medium (normal strategy)
For my games, I always start out with two Bixie Druids (hits multiple enemies, dishes out high damage in their upgrades) and two Honey Bees (slows enemies). I place the first Bixie Druid down in the lower section, centered on the entrance there, ensuring that it can attack the paths above, below, and to the right of it. The second Bixie Druid I place up top and on the right side of the center opening up there, which allows it to hit waves coming in from both entrances. Each Bixie Druid gets a Bee Honey next to it to help with slowing waves.

I try to upgrade both Bixie Druids once (15 coins for first upgrade) before placing my next two. My third Bixie Druid I place is on the grass just below the top line of grass, allowing it to hit any stragglers from all three entrances (and with good placement, it can also hit ones that get close to the hive). I also place a Honey Bee caddy-corner to the left of it (as pictured).

For my fourth Bixie Druid, I normally place it centered right below the entrance to the hive (the bottom right picture shows contrary, I was experimenting and placed my fourth druid up top). This Druid should be able to hit both above and below it, in hopes of catching any waves about to enter your hive.

From this point forth, the big focus is upgrades. The waves gain health very quickly, so get those Bixie Druids upgraded (don't worry about the Honey Bees until closer to the end if you have extra coins). The big focus on upgrades first should be to get the first two Druids up to the 40 coin upgrade, then the second set of Druids to the 15 coin upgrade. Next, get the first two Druids to the 100 coin upgrade, then the second set of Druids to their 40 coin upgrade. The final upgrade costs 275 coins (and makes the Druids *really* powerful), but this can be difficult to afford on any game aside from Hard difficulty, unless you get lucky with money power-ups dropping. If anything, at least upgrade the third Bixie Druid to the 100 coin upgrade, and the fourth also if you have enough spare money floating around.

Protect the Hive - Medium (alt strategy)
On games where I don't get many money upgrades (like the one pictured in the bottom right), normally I'll lose 5-10 lives and only get my Druids to their 100 coin upgrade. At that point I'll focus on upgrading each Honey Bee one time (and only one time!), and if I can scrounge enough coins up for a 275 coin upgrade, I'll normally give it to the Druid at the bottom of the game board. On a good money game, I can usually lose 0-1 lives, and get all easily to their 100 coin upgrades and most likely one to its 275 coin upgrade.

Good luck! Remember not every tactic works for everyone, but in EVERY Tower Defense game, the most important thing is to upgrade your units! To see a better close-up of the game board pictures, be sure to click on the magnifying glass in the picture boxes.

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