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Peavey's Big Ad Venture
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Peavey's Big Ad Venture

Stop Peavey from handling out Barton's storyboards in Farnum Farmstead. Keep an eye out for any speed boosts, they will help you get there in time.

This is a Timed minigame, and can be started by clicking on See below

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You can view a video, showing the minigame, at YouTube.
Peavey's Big Ad Venture - Easy
Primary: Win The GameCoins 2 

Secondary: Find Peavy

Don't run out of time!

Barton will become the minigame starter once you accept the quest. You have two minutes to complete this minigame.


Run through the speed boosts along the road to increase your chance to beat the clock.
Peavey is located in Farnum's Farm, south of Sanctuary.

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