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Goo'd Candy
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Goo'd Candy

Sift through the ectoplasmic goo that you've collected for candy. Halloween Harry swears that it'll be the best treat you've ever eaten!

This is a Matching-style minigame.

This is a Mining minigame, and can be started at any Goo'd Candy.

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You can view a video, Goo'd Candy Minigame, at YouTube.

While this minigame is not for the Miner job, it uses the mining template. You need to drop the glowing green blocks into the pumpkin basket from the bottom of the grid to get your candy updates!

The starting object for this minigame is found next to Halloween Harry in Pixiewood Hills.

Goo'd Candy
Primary: Collect candy - 0/15

This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2009, and available in-game during the Super Spooktacular celebration. For 2013, Spooktacular begins on October 1st.

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