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Wugachug Token
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Wugachug Elite Exploration

This is an Elite Exploration collection.

This collection is geared toward Adventurers who roam the lands.

The items in this collection can all be found in the area of Wugachug.

Find Wugachug Token and collect it to find an item from the list, below.

  • Pine For Cover
  • Rabbit Rinsing
  • Wugachug Lookout
  • Stage Presence
  • Wugachug Spy Spot
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  • Wugachug Lookout - Climb the hill north of the Wugachug Warpstone. Go west beyond the 2 trees, and beyond the next tree, to the edge. Turn left and look up to see the token. Climbing is a little tricky because of the tree, but keep trying.

You can view a video, Pine for Cover, at YouTube.
  • Pine for Cover - East of the warpstone, on a ledge behind some trees. Go back to the warpstone and head north up the path. Between the third and fourth tree on your right, turn and move toward the hill. The token is above you to the left. To get there, jump onto the tree and over to the ledge.

  • Wugachug Spy Spot - Go back to the path, head up past Chugaroot Farm, and find Shifty the Shuffler. Look at the trees behind him, specifically at the lone tree on the mountainside. You'll see the fireworks from the token behind that tree! Climb up to that tree, then go around in front of it to climb up and reach the token.

  • Stage Presence- On top of the stage roof. Head back to Shifty and you'll see the token on top of the roof. Go over to the edge and jump onto the roof to reach it.

  • Rabbit Rinsing- In the west River in Wugachug, under one of the waterfalls. Jump down from the roof and head around to the southwest corner of The Party Tent. Go on the left of the 2 trees to get to the cliff edge and you should see the token in the water below. Jump down, swim acroos, and grab that token!


Wugachug Spy Spot
Wugachug Spy Spot
Wugachug Spy Spot - Minimap
Wugachug Spy Spot - Minimap

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