Bayle's Heraldic Crest  

As part of the Oceangreen Theme, there are many tasks that yield "Crest" pieces. This is a long quest which eventually yields Bayle's Heraldic Crest - An augment with 32 AC, 75 HP/Mana/Endurance and some Heroic Charisma.

To start off, you need indifferent faction with Cirtan, Bayle's Herald in order to buy the two containers you'll need. Your faction will improve as you complete quests so you should have sufficient faction to buy the containers when you are ready to combine parts.

You need one Heraldic Crest Repair Kit for each of the five initial combines and one Empty Heraldic Crest Frame for the final combine. Since you only need the frame at the end, you can hold off on buying it.

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Heraldic Keep

In a Heraldic Crest Repair Kit combine the following:

Crest Right Field

In a Heraldic Crest Repair Kit combine the following:

Crest Left Field

In a Heraldic Crest Repair Kit combine the following:

Crest Lower Field

In a Heraldic Crest Repair Kit combine the following:

Crest Upper Field

In a Heraldic Crest Repair Kit combine the following:

Final Combine

Combine the results of the previous 5 combines in the Empty Heraldic Crest Frame to receive your final reward.

Tabular Form

*ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZoneQuest ZoneMob
ACrest Keep Wall FrameTabron CaulriaDoes This Look Infected?PlaguenoneHillsVillage or HillsAnimals
ACrest Keep FrameTabron CaulriaSalving GracePlagueDoes This Look Infected?Hills FortVillage or HillsAnimals
ACrest Keep Tower FrameTabron CaulriaTest the WatersPlagueDoes This Look Infected? & Salving Grace Hills FortVillage then Hills(roam)
ACrest Keep Tower PlateArchon Darianna AlthusPlague from AboveWilling to serveTest the Waters & No Cure for Death Hills FortHillsZombies
ACrest Keep PlateArchon Darianna AlthusThinning the RanksOther workPlague from AboveHills FortHillsZombies
ACrest Keep Wall PlateJeneca OrlofenFollow Your NoseVengeancenoneHills FortHillsZombies
*ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZoneQuest ZoneMob
BCrest Upper Right Field FrameSergeant Bronal CadranNo Cure for DeathUsefulMan the DefensesHillsVillageCultists
BCrest Lower Right Field FrameYvette MillerGood SeedsFind somenoneVillageVillageAnimals
BCrest Upper Right Field PlateSergeant Bronal CadranMan the DefensesUsefulnoneHillsHillsUndead
BCrest Lower Right Field PlateDan HearthprideArms of the DeadBringnoneVillageVillage or HillsUndead
*ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZoneQuest ZoneMob
CCrest Upper Left Field FrameKerrin the UnkemptPoach the PoachersDo thisnoneHills GladeHillsPoachers
CCrest Upper Left Field PlateSeradi StormcallerThe Deathlessdo thatPoach the Poachers, Stop the Spreading, & Test the WatersHills FortHills GladeTreant
CCrest Lower Left Field PlateGarvin WindrunnerReduce the RiskTestnoneHills FortHills onlyAnimals
CCrest Lower Left Field FrameGarvin WindrunnerNames for the FacelessWorkReduce the RiskHills FortVillage or HillsUndead
*ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZoneQuest ZoneMob
DCrest Lower Field FrameKerrin the UnkemptStop the SpreadingShearsCure the CrudHills GladeHills GladeBushes
DCrest Lower Field PlateViktor SnowbornPaint SuppliesCan getnoneVillageVillageAnimals
*ItemTask GiverTask/sayPrerequisitesZoneQuest ZoneMob
ECrest Left Upper Field FrameApothecary CadmaelA Secret Hidden in Plain SightInvestigatenoneVillageTemple Bertox
ECrest Left Upper Field PlateFripp DarkpawWhat Evil Lurks in the Heart of Gnolls?Get suppliesnoneHills CampHillsGnolls
ECrest Right Upper Field FrameElder Mystic FoppyeInvading the InvadersHelpnoneHills CampBlackburrowGnolls
ECrest Right Upper Field PlateBracka DarkpawSummary ExecutionHuntnoneHills CampBlackburrowGnolls
ECrest Center Upper Field FrameFripp DarkpawSend the MessageMessagenoneHills CampBlackburrowGnolls
ECrest Center Upper Field PlateGuard ElleryRun to DaylightHelpnoneBlackburrowBlackburrowGnolls
*: Combine all A's together to make one piece, all B's to make another piece etc.

-edit- [1] I added all of the links I could find (I was tired of trying to search by item piece) and also added in the extra column of Mob. So, if you are hunting a certain mob type, ie. Gnolls, then get all the quests for that mob type since often they overlap on the requirements. That way you do not have to keep killing the same mobs over and over just to get the 'kill count' portion of the quests done. One example of this is the Gnolls. By doing the Run to Daylight (Rescue Ellery) quest and looting the mobs you kill on the way, you will almost complete three other quests.

Also, you won't be able to enter Old Blackburrow until you get one of the quests to go there. It tells you the door is locked. Just get all 4 quests so you can work on them all at once.

Helps: Start on Paint Supplies right away. The items only drop in Oceangreen Village, but you will complete Does This Look Infected? and Reduce the Risk many times over while trying to get your drops. Also, you can preloot the 10 rings for Names for the Faceless and the 10 wpn fragments for Arms of the Dead and the 5 seeds for Good Seeds while you are there. You can then later on do the turn-ins for your piles of stuff when your quest timer is up.

You will have to do Kerin's first quest Cure the Crud in order to get her second quest Stop the Spreading, but she will still give you her third quest, Poach the Poachers with no prerequisite. This may bug you if you complete the turn in for 1 and 3 at the same time. That happened with me on one toon but after finishing quest 2 she finally gave me the reward for the poachers quest. Try to get the poachers quest early before spending to much time in Oceangreen Hills because its a time sink searching for poachers and you end up killing off a lot of other mobs also. Note: Test the Waters is required to get The Deathless.

Most of these quests are repeatable but a couple are not, so don't destroy any of your pieces accidentally.

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