fr quest:Trolling for Trolls  

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To Start: Speak to Jonathon Forkpath in Snowhill.
Jonathon Forkpath says,"A troll scout could mean that more are coming soon!

You must go into the Howling Hills and knock some sense into the trolls before they attack Snowhill! "

Jonathon Forkpath thinks that the Ice Troll Scout might be the first wave of an attack. Go into the Howling Hills and let the ice trolls in there know that an attack on Snowhill would be a bad idea.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Defeat Ice Trolls in the Howling Hills, north of Snowhill.
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Note:All ice trolls in the Howling Hills, regardless of their name, count towards completion of the goal.

Collection Series

The item reward for this quest, Ice Trolls Evaporated, is used in the Snowhill Protector collection.

Receiving this medal completes your collection... Congratulations!

Protectors Never Rest Snowhill
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