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To Start: Speak to Kellin Warpwatcher in Sanctuary.
Kellin Warpwatcher says,"Would you like to participate in a little experiment? My brother and I have created a spell that can send anyone to any warpstone anywhere!

Right now we're studying how well in works between Snowhill and Sanctuary. So far tests have been good. We've only had three accidents today! "

Kellin Warpwatcher is testing out a new spell with his brother, Vaelen. Unfortunately there are still a few kinks in the spell and they need test subjects to help iron those out. Help them perfect their spell!
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 6 
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Warp Test
Warp Test "Accident"
This quest is an easy way to get the Snowhill Warpstone if you do not have it yet. However, you find out at the end of the quest that you can only do it once per hour due to warp sickness. While this is technically repeatable, you do not actually receive the quest again, and are simply teleported to the opposite location. There is no reward for repeating the tests.

Most of the time upon arriving at the other location, you will have a random effect placed upon you for a brief amount of time (usually lasting 15-30 seconds).

If you are closer to Snowhill and have done neither quest yet, you can get the Snowhill version of this quest, Sanctuary Warp Tests and easily get the Sanctuary Warpstone on your map!

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