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Demo Derby Driver
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Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Jace Wildwheel in Wildwood Speedway.
Jace Wildwheel says,"We don't have time for questions.

I sent Carter to find me the best, and he sent me you. So let's just see what you've got, shall we?

We'll discuss details of the job later. First I'll need to see how well you handle yourself in the arena. "

Jace Wildwheel doesn't have much time to talk or answer questions. He just needs to know you're the driver for the job and expects you to prove yourself in the arena.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Demo Derby Driver job.

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Closing Dialogue

Jace Wildwheel says, "Congrats!

Looks looks you're the one for the job."

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