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To Start: Speak to Bowman Bilter in Crossroads.
Bowman Bilter says,"Those smugglers are dangerous. You'll need a little more experience before I send you to confront them.

In the meantime, an old friend of mine that you may have already met, named Eddie Eagle Eyes, might have some work for you.

Return to me when you are level 15 and you should be good to go! "

Your archery training will continue once you have reached level 15 as an archer. Return to Bowman Bilter at that time.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Archer job.

  • Coins 5 
Reach level 15 as an Archer, then return to Bowman Bilter.
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Eddie Eagle Eyes (between Crossroads warpstone and Wildwood Speedway) will give you a repeatable quest, Contract: No Boundaries on Bounties, to help you level quickly to 15 as an Archer.

Archer: Prevention First Archer
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Archer: Cutting Out the Buyers
Contract: No Boundaries on Bounties
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