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To Start: Speak to Drill Sergeant Dewey in Snowhill.
Drill Sergeant Dewey says,"You've got quite a few battles under your belt! You're ready for initiation!

Go see Morninglory. She's gathering recruits near the Hot Springs Haven, northwest of here. "

Complete the warrior initiation rites at the Hot Springs Haven in Snowhill.
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Warrior job.

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Quest Outline

    Morninglory says, "Glad to see you could join us for our warrior initiation rites. The plan is ti start things off at the Hot Springs Haven.

    Those dirty Yeti Bouncers are really stinking up the hot springs here, and I need you to put a stop to their unruly activities.

    I want to see those yetis shaking with fear in their own furs! Haha!"

  • Defeat Yeti Bouncers in Hot Springs Haven - (0/8)
  • Return to Morninglory in Snowhill
    Morninglory says, "Welcome back! You did an impressive job taking care of those yetis. I think you are ready for the next step in your training."

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