FR Quest:Warrior: Legend of Fastvi Frostflutter  

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To Start: Speak to Sir Whittington in Sanctuary.
Sir Whittington says,"You have heard the legend of Fastvi Frostflutter, right? Surely they still teach warrior recruits a bit of history... no?

Well then, I think it's time for a lesson! The best way to learn is through action! You can reenact the famous Weed Killing battle. It was one of the first fights where Fastvi drew his axe. "

Sir Whittington wants to give you a history lesson by having you re-enact one of Fastvi's first battles on the nearby game table.
This is a Minigame quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Warrior job.

Use the game table near Sir Whittington and beat the "Weed Killing! = Easy" tower defense minigame.
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To Sir Whittington's right is the Briarwood Defense minigame table. Click on it and select Weed Killing! to begin. This should bring up the screen to accept the Weed Killing! - Easy minigame. Beat it and return to Sir Whittington.

Warrior: Achieve Level 15 Warrior
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Warrior: Asking Old Folks
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