FR Quest:The Quartermaster's Query  

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To Start: Speak to Recruit Agga in Bristlewood.
Recruit Agga says,"The third piece of the map I handed over to the Quartermaster for safe keeping.

Go have a talk with him. But be warned, he is distrustful of strangers. He may want you to prove yourself to him! "

Recruit Agga has asked you to help him recover his hedge maze map. The next piece is the Southeast corner.
This is an Errand quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Recover the 3rd map fragment from the Quartermaster in Bristlewood
  1. Speak to Quartermaster Bargargle
  2. Answer question one correctly
  3. Answer question two correctly
  4. Answer question three correctly
  5. Return to Recruit Agga
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  1. First question: Since you seem to know Recruit Agga, what kind of soldier is he?
    • A Warrior!
    • An Archer! (CORRECT ANSWER)
    • A Wizard!
  2. Second question: Agga entrusted a piece of the map to Sperry... what is Sperry's favorite game?
    • Chess!
    • Mahjong!
    • Checkers! (CORRECT ANSWER)
  3. Last question: How many pieces of the map are there?
    • Three!
    • Four! (CORRECT ANSWER)
    • Five!

Checkers for a Chart Briarwood
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Snatching from the Snarling Hedges
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