FR Quest:The Ninja Path  

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To Start: Speak to Ty in Lakeshore.
Ty says,"The calmness of the water is something I envy. Even now, rumors of kidnappings in Snowhill and Lakeshore trouble my heart.

Part of me wants to help, but... it's best if I stay uninvolved. Are you willing to fight for the good of others?

Trolls are kidnapping pixies from Lakeshore. Travel to the Forest Troll Village, northeast of the lake, and see if you can learn more. "

Find out what's going on with the trolls in the Forest Troll Village.
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Ninja job.

  • Coins 6 
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The troll you are looking for is named Grosh. He is found a bit east of the bridge leading into the Forest Troll Village from Lakeshore.

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Stolen Away
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