FR Quest:The Great Scare  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ghost Hunter in Pixiewood Hills.
Ghost Hunter says,"Howdy! You're not superstitious, are ya?

There's a nasty specter called the Pumpkin Prince terrorizing the good folks of Sacred Grove. They say he's looking for a way back to the land of the living!

How about you foil his plans? "

The Pumpkin Prince is devastating the lands of Sacred Grove! Help send him back to where ever he came from.
This is a Minigame quest.

Foil the Pumpkin Prince's plans!
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Closing Comments

Ghost Hunter says, "Wow! Fantastic job with the prince. Let's hope he stays gone."

Prince's Treasure Chest
Prince's Treasure Chest


  • Every half hour there will be a world-wide message announcing the Pumpkin Prince terrorizing a town:
  • When you get there, click on the Ectoplasmic Destabilizer Dispenser machine to get your "weapon" for this fight. It appears in slot #4. When you throw it, it shoots a red and blue stream at the prince and his minions (hitting whichever is closest to you).
  • Be careful not to get ectoplasm thrown at you by the prince. It turns you into one of his ghouls temporarily.
    • While transformed, you can throw ectoplasm at other players to slow them down.
    • When the transformation wears off, you must re-click the machine to re-load your weapon.
  • You receive Ectoplasmic Goo by destroying the ghouls, ghosts, and headstones that pop-up. Make sure to transform it into candy by doing the Delicious Goo'd Candy quest.
  • If the prince is defeated, make sure to claim your extra reward by clicking on his treasure chest. It's a Mystery Gift and 10 Ectoplasmic Goo.
  • Once you've completed this quest, you can battle the prince any time.


If you have ever (even in previous years) done the Ectoplasmic Goo quest, then Ghost Hunter will not offer it to you again. He'll just tell you to see Halloween Harry for the Delicious Goo'd Candy quest instead.

Super Spooktacular
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Ectoplasmic Goo
Delicious Goo'd Candy
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This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2009, and available in-game during the Super Spooktacular celebration. For 2013, Spooktacular begins on October 1st.

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