FR Quest:The Cure for the Common Lazy  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Chief Bilgragum in Nettleseed.
Chief Bilgragum says,"Gigafrug doesn't need a break, he's just hungry.

Grab some raw vegetables from Sperry, then we'll have Chugilda bake him some food. "

Cheif Bilgragum has asked you to speak to Sperry to borrow fresh produce.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 75 
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Sperry says, "Sure, you can have some vegetables. I'm glad you asked. Folks used to just walk up here and take them without even so much as a hello. Here's a basket full."

Chugilda says, "Are these for me? Oh, you want me to make a meal fit for a soldier. Here's my famous stew, guaranteed to please!"

Upon completion: Gigafrug says, "Mmmm. This smells delicious! Whoever baked this must be a fine chef."

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