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To Start: Speak to Mayor Crystalline in Snowhill.
Mayor Crystalline says,"We're preparing something special to show our thanks, but it's not ready yet.

If I wasn't so behind on collecting status reports, I could finish it.

Maybe you'd like to help out by gathering them for me? "

Gather reports from various Snowhill citizens for the mayor.
This is a Search quest.

  • Coins 30 
Gather reports from various Snowhill citizens for the mayor.
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Gather reports from various Snowhill citizens for the mayor.

    Flynn says, "A status report for the mayor? Sure, I got mine right here."
    Brandywine says, "Brrr, I swear it's colder up here than it is down in Snowhill. So cold in fact that I didn't want to take off my gloves to fill out my report!

    Tell you what. If you bring me a piping cup of hot chocolate from Carrie's juice bar, that might warm me up enough to full out my report! Sound like a deal?"

    Carrie says, "Poor Brandywine. I know he hates sitting out there by the Crystal Barrier, freezing his tail off.

    Here, give him this! It should warm him up for a little while at least!"

    Brandywine says, "Wow, that is REALLY hot! Ha! Guess I shouldn't complain, should I? Anyway, here hold this for a moment. Now then...that shoudl do it. Nothing to report as usual. I don't think those elves are ever coming back."
    Therin says, " Report?I'll give you a report!

    I've got lazy miners, that's my report!"

    Mayor Crystalline says, "Okay, well everything looks to be in order. Whew, I think I can finally take a moment's rest.

    Thank you so much, (Playername) you're quite the helpful (Race)!"

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