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To Start: Speak to Shimmer Shinyaxe in Dartmoor Quarry.
Shimmer Shinyaxe says,"Since we've unearthed some tin here, the Mining Guild's been hounding us for more and more each day!

We offer rewards for all the tin ore you can mine (and a nice bonus for topaz). Interested? "

Shimmer wants you to dig up some tin ore from Dartmoor. He'll reward you for any topaz you find along the way as well.
This is a Minigame quest.  This quest will advance the Miner job.

As a miner, mine up some tin for Shimmer Shinyaxe at Dartmoor.
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To mine the required 10 ore and 1 topaz go up into the Dartmoor Quarry, where you will find multiple mining carts. Click on any tin mining cart to start the minigame Tin Mining. Good Luck!

Miner: Dartmoor Mining Camp Miner
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Miner: Suspicious Eyes
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