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To Start: Speak to Clover in Sanctuary.
Clover says,"I am so embarrassed! I actually fell asleep on the job!

When I woke up I saw Blatt the robgoblin running off with my equipment!

Can you get my medical equipment back from Blatt? "

Clover has an embarrassing problem that he needs your help with. He fell asleep on the job and woke up to a Robgoblin running off with his pack of medical equipment! He can borrow supplied from the hospital for awhile, but soon someone will notice. Can you track down his stolen equipment?
This is a Combat quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest. This quest will advance the Medic job.

Get Clover's stolen medical supplies back from Blatt.
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Blatt is a robgoblin who is located behind a tree in the Robgoblin Camp, which is north of the Robgoblin Treasure Trove (north-northwest of Lakeshore).

Each section you are teleported to in the Robgoblin Treasure Trove has two bags of Clover's gear. Click on them for your update!

Medic: Tummies in Turmoil Medic
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Medic: Achieve Level 10
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