FR Quest:D'oh, a Deer!  

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To Start: Speak to Miss Artie in Bristlewood.
Miss Artie says,"Greetings, I'm new here and was hoping to learn a bit about the wildlife in Bristlewood.

It would save me some time if you could scout some of the more interesting points and let me know about the deer population. "

Miss Artie would like you to scout out various areas in Bristlewood, looking for wild deer.

  • Coins 61 
The following do not have to be scouted in order.
  • Scout out Xandril's Hut
  • Scout out Bristlewood Pond
  • Scout out Bristlewood Stream's mouth
  • Scout out Arachnia's Lair
  • Scout out Pa Lazi's Farm
  • Return to Miss Artie
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  • The location marked Bristlewood Glade on the map below was originally the update location for what is now Bristlewood Stream's mouth. Simply head east from the Bristlewood Glade location, to where Jonathan and his turtles are, and step just inside the water right there!

Doh! a Deer Location Map

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