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To Start: Speak to Fernando Flexsteel in Stillwater Crossing.
Fernando Flexsteel says,"Hey amigo! It is time to bash some trolls. I wish I could go with ya, but I have to go to a pottery class in a few. Think you can handle this for me?"
Fernando Flexsteel is a busy bounty hunter and is always looking for skilled brawlers to assist him with claiming his bounties.
This is a Combat quest. This quest is repeatable. This quest will advance the Brawler job.

  • Coins 30 Stars 263 
As a Brawler, defeat some Troll Sneakscouts, Roughguards, Ragers in Forest Troll Fort, and find and defeat Brugo who wanders about the Forest Troll Village. Return to Fernando when done.
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  • Each of these need be done only once to fulfill the contract.
  • All of the trolls may be found and defeated at the Forest Troll Fort.
  • The Troll Sneakscouts look like walking bushes and have very few hp. As you approach them they will warp to your side and attack.
  • The Troll Roughguards often travel with a wolf companion. The wolves distract you while the Roughguards pound on you and stun you. The Roughguards have a lot of HP and cast a defense shield on themselves.
  • Beware the Troll Seesharps. Their bows have a ridiculous range on them, and they aggro from a great distance.
  • Brugo may be found along the river to the east of the Forest Troll Village. Clicking on him will start the battle Brugo's Fishing Spot.
  • Fernando Flexsteel is to the east in Stillwater Crossing.

Brawler: Achieve Level 20 Brawler
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