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To Start: Speak to Rumble King Don in Sunstone Valley.
Rumble King Don says,"I'm not sure when I got this, but I had a letter in my back pocket from Madam Zelda asking me if I had seen the Realmkeepers.

If you're going there any time soon, could you please let her know that the Realmkeepers just left. "

Return to Madam Zelda and the Realmkeepers in Blackspore Swamp.
This is a Search quest.  This quest will advance the Card Duelist job.

Speak to Madam Zelda in Blackspore
  • Return to Madam Zelda
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Talking to Rumble King Don again, he'll remind you of your task. He says, "Hi there!

The next time you're in Blackspore, would you pleas tell Madam Zelda that the Realmkeepers left Rumble Ridge safely?"

Near Madam Zelda, the Realmkeepers have returned.

Madam Zelda says, "Welcome back, player_name! As you can see, the Realmkeepers have returned!

Oh, and this package arrived for you from Sunstone Valley. It's really heavy, I wonder what it could be!"

Completing this quest earns you the "rumble-Rumble-RUMBLEDOME!" achievement.

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