FR Quest:Call the Crew!  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Ricky Danger in Crossroads.
Ricky Danger says,"I can't figure out where my pit crew boss is. I need Shakey to get this car fixed!

Can you head south to the Wildwood Speedway and find Shakey? I bet you can even learn how to be a kart driver while you're there! "

Ricky Danger crashed his kart again, and this time his pit crew boss, Shakey, doesn't want to help him! Head to the Wildwood Speedway and see if you can convince Shakey to send the rest of Ricky's pit crew.
This is an Errand quest.

  • Coins 7 
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Closing Comments

Shakey says, "Ricky crashed his kart? Again? If you were a driver I bet you'd take better care of your kart! Hey, you should talk to Johnny Thunder and Mad Jack to get some training. When you're done, tell Ricky I'll fix his kart...but this is the last time!"

Johnny Thunder says, "All right! A new challenger! I don't know where else you've raced, but the Wildwood Speedway is no joke. I can let you try a practice run if you want to get a feel for the track first?" Note: if you click "Yes", you'll be offered the Racing Tutorial quest.

Mad Jack says, "I see you've done some kart wrecking. Does that mean you're here to test your skills against the Wildwood demolition derby drivers? I should warn you, this is one crazy course. I can let you try a practice round first, if you're interested?" Note: if you click "Yes", you'll be offered the Demolition Derby Tutorial quest.

Ricky Danger says, "Shakey's going to fix my kart? That's great! I think I've learned an important lesson today, *Character Name*. Just because I CAN drive fast doesn't mean I SHOULD drive fast, especially with all these lamp posts around!"

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