FR Quest:Cakey Clue  

Free Realms
To Start: Speak to Mayor McFairy in Merry Vale.
Mayor McFairy says,"There must be someone behind these cake-eating beasts. Everyone knows a cake doesn't just grow legs on its own.

Why don't you see if there's some kind of correlation between the mystery meat and the cakey monsters. Try to visit Diggy first. "

Mayor McFairy thinks the mysteriously meaty clue will help find the culprit behind all these cakey beasts. He has asked you to speak to some of the chefs participating in the cake bake-off.
This is an Errand quest.

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Closing Dialogues

Diggy says, "Do I have any mystery meat? Looks like I'm all out. That's an odd request. Why don't you ask Cook Yumtumlot?"

Cook Yumtumlot says, "Why, hello there! Mystery meat? Oh no, it looks like we're all out. Maybe Cakenstein ate all my mystery meat too! If he keeps eating all my cakes, I don't know how I'll ever win the cake-off. *sob* You should go visit Lucca De'Flor in Snowhill. I hear he might have some mystery meat."

Lucca De'Flor says, "this is my last stack of mystery meat and I can't just give it up. I don't know how there's a shortage on such a strange cooking ingredient. Oh, you should visit my friend Glerga. She taught me some strange recipes. If anyone knows where to get some good mystery meat, she's the robgoblin to see."

Glerga says, "Bah! Why would I give you mystery meat? You get to go to the big birthday party and I don't! *sob* Doesn't matter... I can't even make a tasty cake anywho."

Mysteriously Cakey Remains Birthday Bash
Quest Series
To Bake a Pretty Cake
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This article refers to items, events, personae and activities introduced in 2010, and available in-game during the Birthday Bash celebration.
In 2013, the Free Realms Birthday Bash is expected with the March 28 game update.

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