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To Start: Speak to Old Corky in Nettleseed.
Old Corky says,"Someone's been plucking the mushroom patches nearby. For what purpose, I don't know.

I do know is that they're being taken faster than they can sprout.

Head down west to the lower lake; you'll find violet mushrooms near the shore. Place this fertilizer nearby so they can grow. "

Old Corky would like you to apply fertilizer to the violet mushrooms near the lower lake in Nettleseed.
This is a Search quest.  Membership is required to begin this quest.

Fertilize the violet mushrooms in Briarwood.
  • Fertilize the violet mushrooms - (0/6)
  • Return to Old Corky
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Violet Mushroom
Violet Mushroom
Old Corky can be found in Nettleseed, south-west of the entrance to Tanglewood Fort.

The Violet Mushrooms are along both shores to the west of Old Corky, close to Spore Falls. Again, they will show up as green dots on your minimap to help you find them.

Return to Old Corky and he'll tell you, "I knew I could count on you for assistance. Thank you for helping return this forest to its original splendor

You've Got to Keep it Vegetated Briarwood
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