FR Quest:Brawler: Delinquent Dilemma  

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To Start: Speak to Jones in Wilds South.
Jones says,"Those hooligans keep stealing artifacts I brought from the ruins in Blackspore.

Find the Hooligan Delinquents to the south, defeat them, and bring back the artifacts they stole. I'll pay you for your time. "

Defeat the Hooligan Delinquents south of Jones to recover the artifacts they stole from him.
This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Brawler job.

  • Recover Pilfered Artifacts from Hooligan Delinquents - 0/15
  • Return to Jones near the road leading east out of Crossroads.
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Closing Comments

Jones says, "You're back? I had my doubts, but it looks like you know how to fight. Here's your reward for returning the artifacts. I have more work for you, when you're ready."

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