FR Quest:Archer: Explosive Expedition  

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To Start: Speak to Hilforn in Greenwood Forest.
Hilforn says,"We can't afford to have the robgoblins taking our dynamite. We use it to craft our explisive arrows. I'd make some for you if I had the ingredients.

You'll need to recover dynamite from Robgoblin Pondblasters. You'll also need to gather sap from the collection jars beneath the trees nearby. "

Hilforn has instructed you to make some explosive arrows. You will need to collect six explosives from Robgoblin Pondblasters that wander near the small lake to the north of Hilforn and six sap samples from the sap collection vats in the nearby forest.

Hilforn says, "Wonderful! You brought the ingredients! Just give me a few moments and I'll have your arrows ready."

This is a Combat quest.  This quest will advance the Archer job.

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Enter the battle, Robgoblin Pondblasters!, once again.

Map Location of Vats


The sap vats are under many of the trees near Hilforn, north-west of the Lavender Coast Pass Warpstone.

Archer: Pondblaster Target Practice Archer
Quest Series
Archer: Achieve Level 5
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