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Updated Items: Evocation Focus DraughtSpectral FocusVision of TenderstumpShoru's Elastic BandEchoforged Cracked Orc BoneThick Fur EnsembleChoker of Collected IreSorcerer's Outro TalismanBurly NegotiatorForgebound Emberquartz Earring of the MinionEmberquartz ConjurorEmberquartz WayfarerSummoned: Modulation Shard VIIIEmberquartz SlayerMoogaMantle of Glistening PurityOni Mask of Horatioprimary 2hs //RTS - BERLaurion's Icicle of LegacyObservations of Forgebound - PotionsObservations of Forgebound - PoisonsObservations of Forgebound - FishingObservations of Forgebound - RunesObservations of Forgebound - WeaponsFolded Pack of Goliath's ArmamentsPortho's Mycelium AmuletMedian Etched Rune of NokkScorpion's Agony XXIIIron Manacle KeyAxe of the EvisceratorPhantom Weapon PackPhantom Heirloom PackPhantom Armor PackNightstalker's EmbraceChiseled CheliceraSong's Faint MementoMongrel's MuzzleCompressed Stone ShardCarapace LocketFlea Infested PauldronsBasirt's Crimson CapeTerrapin Scale CloakTerracotta TorcHeroic Reflections Faceted EmberquartzGallant Charm Polishing ClothGallant Mask FastenerAdroit Ring of Eternal ReverieAdroit Earring of Eternal ReverieChlorophyll LoopAdroit Mask of Perpetual ReverieBrilliant Mask of Perpetual ReverieGuardian's Mask of Perpetual ReverieDevastating Gem of Perpetual ReverieHarmonious Devastating Gem of Perpetual ReverieStriking Gem of Perpetual ReverieReactive Striking Gem of Perpetual ReverieHarmonious Striking Gem of Perpetual ReverieTrinket of Fen's ReturnReactive Trinket of Fen's ReturnHarmonious Trinket of Fen's ReturnGoliath's Amphibian SkinReactive Devastating Gem of Perpetual ReverieAnkexfen Jade BraceletAnkexfen Ridged EarhoopAnkexfen Gold RingAnkexfen Linked BraceletAnkexfen Woven ShawlFolded Pack of the Alloy's PlateFolded Pack of Ankexfen HeirloomsSummoned: Heroic MindbladeSummoned: Heroic RagebladeSummoned: Heroic IcebladeSummoned: Heroic FirebladeSummoned: Heroic ShortswordSummoned: Etched Alloy BeltSummoned: Etched Alloy Plate GreavesSummoned: Etched Alloy Plate BreastplateSummoned: Etched Alloy Plate BracersSummoned: Etched Alloy Plate BootsSummoned: Etched Alloy Plate GauntletsSummoned: Etched Alloy Plate VambracesSummoned: Etched Alloy Plate HelmAnkexfen Satin ChokerObscured Steadfast Resolve Wrist ArmorObscured Steadfast Resolve Legs ArmorObscured Steadfast Resolve Head ArmorObscured Steadfast Resolve Hands ArmorObscured Steadfast Resolve Feet ArmorObscured Steadfast Resolve Chest ArmorObscured Steadfast Resolve Arms ArmorSteadfast Resolve Faceted EmberquartzObscured Gallant Resonance Wrist ArmorObscured Gallant Resonance Arms ArmorObscured Gallant Resonance Feet ArmorObscured Gallant Resonance Legs ArmorObscured Gallant Resonance Chest ArmorObscured Gallant Resonance Hands ArmorObscured Gallant Resonance Head ArmorVigorous Charm of Eternal ReverieSecurity Charm of Eternal ReverieBrilliant Charm of Eternal ReverieFading Memory Charm of BrillianceVigorous Charm of Perpetual ReverieSecurity Charm of Perpetual ReverieBrilliant Charm of Perpetual ReverieFading Memory Charm of VigorFading Memory Charm of SecurityFandrel's MelodyLaurie's SongNecrotic Divining DevicePortal Infused OreChipped Bone Rod AugmenterMirage GogglesTopaz Prism GogglesSapphire Prism GogglesRuby Prism GogglesAmethyst Prism GogglesEmerald Prism GogglesMiniature Toy Dirigible


Updated Quests: Citizens RevoltingBird BoxingChallenger of Laurion's Song (60 Points)Mercenary of Laurion Inn (30 Points)Mutual AssistanceLS Rank II Level 121 Spells: Minor Etched Rune of NokkLS Rank II Level 122 Spells: Lesser Etched Rune of NokkLS Rank II Level 123 Spells: Median Etched Rune of NokkLS Rank II Level 124 Spells: Greater Etched Rune of Nokk


New Recipes: Brilliant Charm of Perpetual ReverieSecurity Charm of Perpetual ReverieVigorous Charm of Perpetual ReverieBrilliant Charm of Eternal ReverieSecurity Charm of Eternal ReverieVigorous Charm of Eternal ReverieGuardian's Mask of Perpetual ReverieBrilliant Mask of Perpetual ReverieAdroit Mask of Perpetual ReverieSummoner's Earring of Eternal ReverieVigorous Earring of Eternal ReverieBrilliant Earring of Eternal ReverieVigorous Ring of Eternal ReverieScorpion's Agony XXII


Updated Recipes: Collapsed SpitDurable Grinding BladeChipped Bone Rod Augmenter (Recharge - Toolbox)Chipped Bone Rod Augmenter (Recharge - Recharging Kit)Mirage GogglesClockwork AutomatonPortable ForgePortable Forge (recharge)Portable Forge (recharge)Legionnaire Helm of Perpetual ReverieLegionnaire Vambraces of Perpetual ReverieSpiritwalker Boots of Perpetual Reverie


Bestiary Updates: a breeze armorKindlehearta brood queena djinna geonid - Laurion Inna licha spectre - Laurion Inna water dragonan efreetian owlbearFleawalkerSergeant KveldulfTarantisTuttQueen Hotariaa parched corvidShoruSingleMaltTicktockDrillmaster SujaGrenn RustbladeHonored Elder SkraiwSergeant KorshStinkyTenderstumpan Ankexfen assassinan Ankexfen knaveChef GoremandLorekeeper FandrelMortimusRimeclawThe Mountain CryptidUnderboss LazamStablemaster MagnaCaptain DefanChaplain Kor BloodmoonFirestarter TlagSergeant Kharska queen reclusea queen widowa statueAnkexfen ExperimentGuard Captain KrizadUncia the SnowstalkerBonestripperCharkaCind the KindCrusher the RusherFernstalkerGeneral DotalTonnar BlevakViolet ViolenceAlloyArcanaforgedBattleforgedGeomimusGoliath Forge FrogIngotTerrastrideValorforgedA Rallosian LunaticA Rallosian SorcererBig DipperBunionFlaritonHoratioThe Dreaded Red EyeGeneral OrrakOkaa luggalda fading chesta mummy - Heroes are Forgeda war chest - Final Fugue



New Items: Spear of Memoryforged DesolationFading Memory Cloak of AdroitnessFading Memory Cloak of BrillianceFading Memory Amice of BrillianceFading Memory Amice of AdroitnessBow of Memoryforged DesolationCompound Bow of Memoryforged DesolationArcane Staff of Memoryforged DesolationTwo Headed Spear of Memoryforged DesolationFighting Staff of Memoryforged DesolationFoil of Memoryforged DesolationKatar of Memoryforged DesolationBroadsword of Memoryforged DesolationHooked Knife of Memoryforged DesolationMace of Memoryforged DesolationAxe of Memoryforged DesolationKite Shield of Memoryforged DesolationVigorous Charm of Memoryforged DesolationAzure Mind Crystal VIIIObscured Heroic Reflections Wrist ArmorLaurion Inn Hope ChestBar Tab: Gunther BoarsbaneBar Tab: Gethaldrin EmblysiteBar Tab: Glibly GiggledrinkerBar Tab: Apothecary JamesBar Tab: Kithal HaverslatBar Tab: TORKABar Tab: TULGABar Tab: Poxul TinkertapeBrilliant Gray Basilisk ScaleBeads of LifeUnkempt ToadstoolTimorous Falls Guard Report 5Brilliant Ring of Memoryforged DesolationAnkexfen Jalapeno PepperFly Fishing LureAdroit Earring of Memoryforged DesolationGrandiose Consigned Summoner's EarringMetamorph: Orc WarriorSul Vius Curved Lamp PostSul Vius Flower CanopyHammer of Penance IIIHammer of the RememberedHammer of the Remembered IIessence of a gnoll's biteessence of a gnoll's braveryessence of a gnoll's snarlElddar QuiverFine Shining Combatant's Collar of Legacies LostFortuitous JewelAdroit Idol of Memoryforged DesolationVigorous Idol of Memoryforged DesolationAdroit Cloak of Memoryforged DesolationAdroit Mask of Memoryforged DesolationBrilliant Earring of Memoryforged DesolationVigorous Earring of Memoryforged DesolationSummoner's Earring of Memoryforged Desolationessence of a gnoll's yipessence of a gnoll's howlessence of a gnoll's frenzyessence of a gnoll's fortitudeessence of a gnoll's barkArgent Clockwork Bear SaddleAcolyte's Attacker of Legacies Lost


Updated Items: Piecemeal StudGallant Essence of Finesse


Bestiary Updates: a wandering drunkardConsul of Cooperation [Ironing out the Legion]a dented chestan owlbear



Updated Items: Metamorph: Orc WarriorArgent Clockwork Bear SaddlePumpkin Carving KitPerfectly Carved PumpkinCarving Pumpkin


New Zones: Tides of Time


Zone Updates: Tides of Time



Updated Items: Obscured Steadfast Resolve Legs ArmorObscured Steadfast Resolve Head ArmorFortuitous Jewel


Zone Updates: Guild Lobby



New Items: Obscured Heroic Reflections Legs ArmorCloak of Enhancement XXVICoarse Ball of WoolMedian Emblem of the ForgeGlowing Emblem of the ForgeShalowain's Private ReserveObscured Heroic Reflections Hands ArmorObscured Heroic Reflections Head ArmorBouncy BallObscured Heroic Reflections Arms ArmorArgent Clockwork Boar SaddleBroken Key of SandBroken Key Blade of SandBroken Key Bow of SandBroken Key Bitting of SandRepaired Key of Sand


Updated Items: Abstruse Stealthinfused WristguardAbstruse Stealthinfused SleevesAbstruse Stealthinfused LeggingsAbstruse Stealthinfused GauntletsAbstruse Stealthinfused CoifAbstruse Stealthinfused CoatAbstruse Stealthinfused BootsAdroit Earring of Memoryforged DesolationAdroit Mask of Memoryforged DesolationElddar Quiveressence of a gnoll's yipessence of a gnoll's snarlEssence of a Gnoll's HowlEssence of a Gnoll's FrenzyEssence of a Gnoll's Braveryessence of a gnoll's fortitudeEssence of a Gnoll's BiteEssence of a Gnoll's BarkFading Memory Amice of AdroitnessMedian Etched Rune of NokkFading Memory Amice of BrillianceFading Memory Cloak of BrillianceFading Memory Cloak of AdroitnessLaurion Inn Hope ChestUnbalanced ClubObscured Heroic Reflections Wrist ArmorInvictus WarmakerFortuitous Scepter of Xev BristlebaneChlorophyll LoopShiny Green Basilisk ScaleShiny Red Basilisk ScaleShiny Gray Basilisk ScaleDull Silver Basilisk ScaleBrilliant Red Basilisk ScaleBrilliant Green Basilisk ScaleBrilliant Gray Basilisk ScaleBlinding Silver Basilisk ScaleHotariton ChitinGrungy BaubleGallant String ServingGallant Essence of Power


Updated Quests: Earthen Order (Mearatas: The Stone Demesne) (10 Points)Air-Tight Case (Mearatas: The Stone Demesne) (10 Points)Shiny Basilisk Scales (10 Points)We were here, remember us. (10 Points)Gnoll Essences


New Recipes: Fading Memory Cloak of AdroitnessFading Memory Cloak of BrillianceFading Memory Amice of BrillianceFading Memory Amice of Adroitness


Updated Recipes: Abstruse Stealthinfused SleevesAbstruse Stealthinfused CoifAbstruse Stealthinfused GauntletsAbstruse Stealthinfused CoatAbstruse Stealthinfused LeggingsAbstruse Stealthinfused WristguardAbstruse Stealthinfused Boots


Bestiary Updates: an owlbearCogsworth Fizzlespring [Raid Merchant]a Rallosian conquerorBonestripperCharka



Updated Items: Spiked Shield of Memoryforged DesolationAdroit Idol of Memoryforged DesolationFortuitous JewelValiant Feet Armor LiningLaurion Inn Hope ChestChlorophyll LoopTakish SabreValiant Cloak FastenerValiant Essence of FinesseObscured Heroic Reflections Legs ArmorSpaulders of the HandShalowain's Private Reserve


Updated Quests: The Return of KanghammerBidils the Quickhand


Bestiary Updates: a vindicated chesta funny-looking chest



Updated Items: Visage of the StonegrabberAlgae Covered ChainmailSharpened Metallic FingernailsGallant Essence of PowerPouch of Sparkling DustRockborn StoneSilver Medallion of Service


Updated Quests: The Rise of MarnekHeroes Must Die (Again)LS Rank II Level 121 Spells: Minor Etched Rune of NokkLS Rank II Level 122 Spells: Lesser Etched Rune of NokkGnoll Essences


Bestiary Updates: a necro neophyteA Necro Neophyte PetToelia Snuckery [Rogue Guildmaster]Chanter DethsekOracle KaerenStormcaller DjlakkorIceweaver Cavestridera rockbornan owlbearTonnar Blevak



Updated Items: DrumIntricate Combatant's OrbSimple Adept's FigurineYellow Mystical ChipSplintered Wooden KeySmoked Glass KeyRed Mystical ChipPurple Mystical ChipMystical Dagger of MarnekGreen Mystical ChipCharred Bone KeyBlue Mystical ChipDamaged Dagger of MarnekAurora, the Heartwood Blade OrnamentationAdoptable Ancient Kithicor Treant FamiliarAdoptable Bixie Buzzer FamiliarAdoptable Runnyeye Defender FamiliarAdoptable Xorbb's Minion FamiliarSuit of Millin's Halfling ChainSuit of Millin's Halfling ClothSuit of Millin's Halfling LeatherSuit of Millin's Halfling PlateWrapped Visage of the Rivervale DeputyWrapped Runnyeye Adventurer's HeadWrapped Rivervale Jumjum CartWrapped Painting: Throne of XorbbWrapped Music Box: RivervaleSuit of Wibble's Halfling ScalemailSuit of Wibble's Halfling RingmailSuit of Wibble's Halfling PlateSuit of Wibble's Halfling LeatherSuit of Wibble's Halfling ClothSuit of Wibble's Halfling ChainSuit of Millin's Halfling ScalemailSuit of Millin's Halfling RingmailWrapped Painting: Kithicor ForestWrapped Misty Thicket Halfling BedXorbb's Minion FamiliarVisage of the Rivervale DeputyRunnyeye Adventurer's HeadRunneye Defender FamiliarRivervale Jumjum CartPainting: Throne of XorbbPainting: Kithicor ForestMusic Box: Rivervale


Updated Quests: EverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewGnoll Essences


Bestiary Updates: a withered memory



Updated Items: Broken Key Bow of SandBroken Key Blade of SandBroken Key Bitting of Sand


Updated Quests: EverQuest Anniversary Events: An OverviewBroken Key of SandsOasis of Sand


Bestiary Updates: a deepwater crocodilea mummified madmana withered memory



Updated Items: Mortie's HammerRepaired Key of SandBroken Key Bitting of SandBroken Key Bow of SandBroken Key Blade of SandSpell: Burst of Spite Rk. IISpell: Malarian Spear Rk. IISpell: Steely Stance Rk. IISpell: Drape of Korafax Rk. II


Updated Quests: Broken Key of SandsOasis of SandThe Return of KanghammerBidils the Quickhand


New Recipes: Repaired Key of Sand


Updated Recipes: Spell: Drape of Korafax Rk. IISpell: Burst of Spite Rk. IISpell: Malarian Spear Rk. IISpell: Steely Stance Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: a plague sharkBristlebane the King of ThievesRufus Invictus [Unbeatable Force]Dextris Kanghammer [Unlikely Hero]Hand of the Kinga sandstorm championan orc oraclea haunting spectrea Takish engineer [Saboteur]a Takish scoundrela Takish belligerent [Ready for a Fight]a white jesterBristlebane the King of Thievesan ancient croca dry bone skeletona sun bleached skeletona withered memory



Updated Items: Median Essence of LifeUndying Cloak of AdmirationDuality of DecayVermilion Coda of TributeGeomantic Fingers of FocusStray Arrow TipSmithing TongsIrregular CrucibleForge BroomCross Pein HammerClean Polishing RagBottle of Mineral OilBlacksmith Vise


Updated Recipes: Black Rope Bridle and BardingBlack Silken Bridle and BardingTan Chain Bridle and BardingWhite Rope Bridle and BardingTan Rope Bridle and BardingBrown Rope Bridle and BardingBrown Chain Bridle and BardingBrown Silken Bridle and BardingBrown Leather Bridle and BardingWhite Silken Bridle and BardingTan Silken Bridle and BardingSerene Sunset Sparkler (Chunk of Ice)Serene Sunset Sparkler (Ice)


Bestiary Updates: Terrance the Admireda skunk buckan enchanted dummyRallosian WarsergeantUncia the Snowstalkera dry bone skeletona sun bleached skeleton



Updated Items: Raw Crypt-Hunter's SleevesRaw Crypt-Hunter's GlovesGallant Amice FastenerGlowing Bloodmarked Velium GemCrystallized Precious Velium OreFaded Blizzard Legs Armor


Updated Quests: Sepulcher #2: Crafting the Triumvirate's DownfallThe Long Lost PuppetA Ticket to the ShowAnashti Sul, Damsel of DecayHoarded Worker SledgemalletFungal CorruptionClickity Clack Attack!It Takes Two to TangleEnter Stage LeftHeroic Errand RunnerMaterial GathererToo Many RatsAvian ThreatRighteous ReforestationThe Sinister CircleThrown to the WorgsYou've Caught Their EyesThe Blades of My EnemyA Gift of FishOasis of Sand


Updated Recipes: Scroll: Soothing Glow Rk. II


Bestiary Updates: Zikursch the CorruptShoen the Fanatic - CoVTuttWegadas [Quests]a forsaken nomad



New Items: Vigorous Belt of Memoryforged DesolationVigorous Necklace of Memoryforged DesolationHammer of Memoryforged DesolationBrilliant Charm of Memoryforged DesolationMetamorph: Scarlet CheetahShipment Receipt for NokkDevotee's Casting Ice of Legacies LostExemplary Stone of Distant EchoesExemplary Charm of Distant EchoesExemplary Vigorous Shard of Distant EchoesExemplary Brilliant Shard of Distant EchoesExemplary Adroit Shard of Distant EchoesShipment Receipt for KaladimShipment Receipt for Takish'HizShipment Receipt for MalduraShipment Receipt for ToskirakkMagnificent Planar GemShipment Receipt for Pal'LomenShipment Receipt for Kerra IsleShipment Receipt for KelethinDevotee's Assault of Legacies LostDevotee's Strategy of Legacies LostDevotee's Enhancement of Legacies LostFine Sparkling Harasser's Collar of Legacies LostFading Memory Amice of VigorFading Memory Cloak of SecurityGold Tricorn Hat BundleDevotee's Attacker of Legacies LostDevotee's Focus of Legacies LostObscured Heroic Reflections Feet ArmorTimeless TokenSuperlative Stone of Distant EchoesSparking Short Sword of Magma OrnamentRiftseeker Spear OrnamentSuperlative Charm of Distant EchoesUnparalleled Vigorous Shard of Distant EchoesUnparalleled Brilliant Shard of Distant EchoesUnparalleled Adroit Shard of Distant EchoesSparkling Mendicant's Collar of Legacies LostUnparalleled Stone of Distant EchoesDevotee's Ventral Defense of Legacies LostSuperlative Vigorous Shard of Distant EchoesSuperlative Brilliant Shard of Distant EchoesSuperlative Adroit Shard of Distant EchoesBroken Key of SandDevotee's Fortification of Legacies LostDevotee's Assaulting Ice of Legacies Lost


Updated Items: Adroit Earring of Memoryforged DesolationAcolyte's Attacker of Legacies LostMedal of HeroesSuit of Welaar's Vah Shir ChainSuit of Muada's Vah Shir ScalemailSuit of Muada's Vah Shir RingmailSuit of Muada's Vah Shir PlateCrushendaHardened Glowing DiamondFresh Cookie


Updated Quests: Focus the Crystal Geode (Guild Hall Portal)Vah Shir Heritage CrateVah Shir Heritage Crate: Vah Shir Critters (10 Points)We were here, remember us. (10 Points)


Updated Recipes: Bardiche of Perpetual ReverieMaul of Perpetual ReveriePoleaxe of Perpetual ReverieSpear of Perpetual Reverie


Bestiary Updates: a chickena hatchlingAdaha [Stealer of Hearts]AllegroBarrankDextris Kanghammer [Not That Kanghammer - Raid]Elbok BonesnapperErol Xybella [The Hornist]Gael Le Rhytid [Master Luter]HartLlaydo Tamms [Keeper of the Beat]Rhysl Dorbint [Fluttering Flautist]Shalowain - Pal'LomenTakYulya deera hungry hotaritona Rallosian adjudicatora Rallosian cabalistEltharGlerbardElistyl Kanghammer [Quest and Raid]Crusher the RusherDhakka Nogg - Pal'LomenElistyl KanghammerThornel Grayleaf - Pal'LomenElmara Emberclaw - Pal'Lomenan Elddar general



Updated Items: Gallant Earring Clasp


Updated Quests: How Does the Grass Grow?A Gift of Fish


Bestiary Updates: Rallosian DarksergeantRallosian DeathsergeantRallosian WarsergeantSergeant Korsh



Updated Quests: EverQuest Anniversary Events: An Overview


Updated Recipes: Spell: Touch of Tharoff Rk. IISpell: Malarian Skin Rk. IISpell: Touch of Lanys Rk. IISpell: Dire Constriction Rk. IISpell: Dire Implication Rk. II


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