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Updated Items: Silken Collar of the Jungle Arachnid ;  Elemental Essence of Air ;  Primed Fragment of Fearlinked Zeal ;  Barrier Shard ;  Tanned Bazu Skin ;  Edge of Cabilis ;  Armsman's Axe ;  Soot Covered Tabard ;  Soot Covered Ring ;  Soot Covered Pauldron ;  Soot Covered Mask ;  Soot Covered Helm ;  Soot Covered Greaves ;  Soot Covered Glove ;  Soot Covered Boot ;  Evergreen Ivy Ringband ;  Apparitional Leg Armor Lining


Updated Quests: Hunter of The Plane of Valor


Bestiary Updates: a shimmering sailfin ;  Host of Akksstaff ;  Akksstaff`s Minion ;  a dragorn peon ;  Elemental Essence of Air ;  an Imperial Interrogator ;  a rough chest ;  diseased forest giant



Updated Items: Apparitional Idol Polishing ClothKunzar Ku'juch


Bestiary Updates: a solid chest - When One Door Closes



Updated Items: Ebon Hero's Forge Plate Feet OrnamentThought Elixir of the CouncilTiny GemViridian Hero's Forge Leather Wrist OrnamentWhisperwalkers Apprentice Tunic*Spiritually Faded Luclinite Necklace of AdroitnessApparitional Arm Armor LiningPiece of a MedallionSpiritually Faded Luclinite Mask of BrillianceUnfired Spiritually Faded Mask of BrillianceAncient CoinFaded Celestial Zenith Chest ArmorOtherworldly Necklace ClaspLuclinite Convoker Source


Updated Quests: Shadowknight Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest


Updated Recipes: Spiritually Faded Luclinite Mask of Brilliance


Bestiary Updates: a froglok gaz warriorAn Apprentice Lorekeepera pyrilen spinesingea skeletal ogrea scorpikis scroungerVariegated Monsteraa rough chest



Updated Items: Token of BraveryToken of GenerosityNote


Bestiary Updates: Altunic JartinMerko Quetalis [Paladin Guildmaster]Brother HayleDisgruntled Boawb - rabbit



Updated Items: Rithnok's SoulstoneRithnok's SoulstoneViridian Hero's Forge Plate Chest OrnamentApparitional Idol Polishing ClothArmy of Light BarricadeFaded Spectral Luminosity Legs Armor


Updated Quests: Stone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [110+]


Bestiary Updates: a spirit of the old cityDry SaparaA Corrupted Koalindla rough chestRough ChestWaagosh [Stone Cold Summer Quests]Ruugz



Updated Items: Sonic Wolf Claw EarringSpiritually Faded Luclinite Feet ArmorApparitional Essence of PowerBaelin's Enchanted GemDrema's SoulstoneDrema's SoulstoneFine Steel UlakShadowed MaceGoblin Brawler's AccoladeOtherworldly Leg Armor LiningOtherworldly Head Armor LiningRithnok's SoulstoneRithnok's SoulstoneRithnok's SoulstoneSoulstone Shard


Updated Quests: Help Baelin


Updated Recipes: Baelin's Enchanted Gem


Bestiary Updates: Sentry EllisonFireclaw WolfkinwurmDrema Younga Drogan revelerArly Golyeck - NoSa war chest



Updated Items: Gem Covered BoxVelium Battle AxeVelium Battle AxeLoam Encrusted PantaloonsRingmail SkirtRingmail PantsRingmail CoifRingmail BootsRingmail CoatRingmail CapeRingmail SleevesIron VisorOtherworldly Wrist Armor LiningThick SilkOrnate Rune BladeOrnate Rune ShieldApparitional Charm Polishing ClothApparitional Amice FastenerElven BloodFine Steel RapierEnchanted Wisp GlobeDrema's SoulstoneEternal Grove Chain Wrist OrnamentDrema's SoulstoneDark and Twisted SwordRound Cut Spiritual Luclinite TopazRound Cut Restless Velium DiamondRound Cut Bloodied Luclinite Garnet


Updated Recipes: Noodles (Owlbear Egg)


Bestiary Updates: an explorerthehole 1.0 - Stonegrinder MinionSentry EllisonRavenous War Bone Skeletona lead explorerHero GoxnokNetherbian SwarmfiendShade of Mujaki the Devourera Darkvine entrancera goblin penkeepera goblin interrogatorMolten WildfireRough Chest



Updated Items: Amorphous Selrach's WristguardAmorphous Selrach's SleevesAmorphous Selrach's LeggingsAmorphous Selrach's HelmAmorphous Selrach's BreastplateAmorphous Selrach's GauntletsAmorphous Selrach's BootsSimple Sewing NeedleAligned Steel ThreadPhenomenal Spiked Shoulderpads


New Quests: Stone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [70+]


Updated Quests: When One Door Closes (Group Mission)Stone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [110+]


Bestiary Updates: a leprous scarabthe Hidden Jestera high desert razorbackKar`Zok OverlordWaagosh [Stone Cold Summer Quests]



Updated Items: Rowyl's Greaves of Nature


Updated Recipes: Abstruse Orobane TunicRecondite Orobane Tunic


Bestiary Updates: Xygoz


Zone Updates: Veeshan's Peak 1.0



Updated Items: Bottle of RainwaterBlessing of AgnarrDusty StoneSample ClothTargen's EmulsionRock of OdusDusty StoneVelium Laced Choresine SampleRestless Velium OreVelium Laced Gormar VenomGlires MeatRestless Velium Tainted LogsRestless Velium Tainted SilkRestless Velium Tainted DiamondLeg Piece from FiddlebackKezhda's EndDusty Soriz Worker PouchSpool of Energized Brownie Hair ThreadSand Guard Mantle


New Quests: Stone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [50]Stone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [80]


Updated Quests: Tempest Festival: A Curse of MadnessStone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [110+]Stone Cold Summer: No Peeking or EatingStone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [70]


Updated Recipes: Soy SauceRock of Odus


Bestiary Updates: Targen Stonefalla bladefin basiliska rockseer basiliskan elder stonefin basiliskObsidiana swift dune tarantulaa giant dune tarantulaa gnarl thornMirrormaska mangy rotdoga brood caretaker - CoVa brood hatchling - CoVa relocated wyvern - CoVa tunnel burrower - CoVWaagosh [Stone Cold Summer Quests]



Updated Items: Steel Rod of the KnightToken of the MagusMetamorph Wand - TrakaraptorTitle: the ValiantVelium Impacted Raw DiamondBlack Iron SpringPiece of a MedallionLightning Essence


Updated Quests: Secrets of Faydwer Rank III SpellsStone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [110+]


Bestiary Updates: Emissary Shinserea tempest gusta restless Kromzek - CoVGrekeRoukJiafUshaMuokRetseth Tretse



New Items: Waagosh's Investigation NotesWaagosh's Rug Sewing KitStitched Scaly Skin RugRough SinewStrip of Scaly SkinScent Marking MedleyJungle Spiderling's MoltGray Wolf FurBrown Bear FurPartially Digested MushroomRubak's Medicine BagFeerrott StinkvineFaydwer Mistletoe VinePurple ToothwortInnothule StinkvineAntonican Mistletoe VineGolden DodderSmall-Toothed DodderBlightfire Stinkvine


Updated Items: Tuft of Gray Wolf FurAcolyte's Attacker of the SelenelionPhilter of Gulon's ImpunityBlood Crusted Leather BracerJade Effigy of TrusharUnrefined Sealed Poison VialApparitional Leg Armor LiningCrystallized Velium Ore


Updated Quests: Stone Cold Summer: Skin So Soft [110+]Stone Cold Summer: Creepers, Dodders, and Univited Lodgers (The Feerott) (10 Points)Stone Cold Summer: No Peeking or Eating


Updated Recipes: Bite of the Shissar VI


Bestiary Updates: a swift dune tarantulaa giant dune tarantulaMirrormaskZburator the Damneda brood caretaker - CoVa relocated wyvern - CoVa tunnel burrower - CoVManifested ChestOthanRoukUshaan afflicted swamp basilisk



Updated Items: Scroll: Illusion: Palace Efreet


Updated Quests: An Alternative ExplanationBaga's Stand50 Shades...

Bestiary Updates: a vergerog soldierBrother Qwinn


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