ZAM at 15 Years: Interview at [a]listdaily

Cody Bye and Micheal Bailey spoke to [a]listdaily recently about ZAM and MMOs.

2014 marks ZAM's 15th anniversary, and the site has surely come a long way since then. Our President, Cody Bye, and Director of Content, Micheal Bailey (Mike B), sat down recently with [a]listdaily's Senior Editor, Steve Peterson, to briefly chat about ZAM's history, the changing MMO community and the future of MMOs.

Here's a few excerpts from the interview:

"In 1999, when this all started, there wasn't anything online that was incredibly in depth. It [Allakhazam] became the de facto place for people playing EverQuest to find information. From that start, ZAM has metamorphosed along the way." -Cody Bye

"I think a lot of people who may have initially started playing MMOs played them for that persistent element. You know, 'every time I play I'm getting stronger, better gear, having a better social experience.'" - Cody Bye

"In 2011, if you ever asked somebody about a game coming up that was free-to-play, they would immediately dismiss it as crap. Between 2011 and 2013, we completely flipped between free-to-play games being crap; now they're the standard." -Micheal Bailey

"We know that the sites that we built for the games that they represent are perfect for those games... we tailor those experiences to remain current and get the best experience for the user. There's an interesting blend of how you deliver the content, and now we want to focus on how we allow them to create their own fun." -Micheal Bailey

Check out the full interview over on [a]listdaily!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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