RuneScape Launches Legacy Mode

The Legacy Mode update is a result of direct community feedback.

Earlier this week, Jagex released Legacy Mode in RuneScape. The community has helped shaped the game and this mode is a direct result of a lot of feedback.

At the simple flip of a switch, RuneScape's Legacy Mode can be turned off / on at any time and once activated, enables the following features:

  • No abilities, with auto-attack damage scaled up
  • Pre-RuneScape 3-style interfaces, both resizable and fixed
  • Old-style combat animations and stances
  • Old-style minimap icons
  • Health and damage visually scaled down (e.g. 9900 life points in Evolution of Combat becomes 990 in Legacy)

Jagex also added significant improvements to global combat, including reinstatement of the 138 combat formula (EoC system), along with Legacy-only/EoC-only game worlds. Multiple future combat updates are also planned for later this year.

For additional details on Legacy Mode, the combat improvements and more visit the official site. Check out the videos below for highlights of the past year of changes in RuneScape!

Ann "Cyliena" Hosler, Managing Editor


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