RuneScape Adds New Heist Minigame

Play as a Robber or a Guard while you try to either steal or defend the gold.

RuneScape has added a new minigame in its last game update: the Heist! It is a multiplayer minigame with robbers, who need to make away with loot, and guards, who track aforementioned robbers, in random maps. To access the game, climb up the airship ladder just north of Falador.

Rewards include a range of perks, helping you lay down the law or pull off more daring capers, as well as bonus XP in Hunter and Thieving.

How to Start

You can choose to join a public game, start up a private game or to join a private game already in effect. For the latter you'll need the name of the hosting player and the entry key they gave you.

For public games, you can queue as guard or robber within the lobby (2-5 players on each side). Syr Vyvin or Liara can give you additional information, and you can browse the rewards or try out the tutorial.

Players will be able to vote for a map theme (including Canifis).

The Game

Heist takes place on maps populated by crowds of NPCs. Robbers need to steal bags of loot from the bank and return them to their start point while guards try to stop them.

Robbers can adopt NPC appearances to disguise themselves while guards can accuse anyone on the map of being a robber. If the guard's accusation is correct, the robber will lose their disguise and most of their run energy. Robbers will then try to run away while guards will try to handcuff them which will incapacitate them for a time. If the guard makes too many mistakes, he'll end up in jail to cool off for a while.

If a robber is handcuffed twice, he'll be locked up in jail with one minute to escape before being turned into a guard.

How to Win

The game ends when one of the following conditions is met:

  • The robbers deposit twice as many bags of loot as there are members of their team (robbers win)
  • Note that if a robber logs out or otherwise leaves the game, the total loot required to win is not reduced
  • Every robber is turned into a guard (guards win)
  • 20 minutes pass (guards win)

The following "behind the scenes" video will allow you to learn more about Heist!

Guilhemette "Whilhelmina" Giacopazzi


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