Snow Days Returns to Free Realms!

SOE adds new achievements and collectibles to the annual event.

Snow Days returned to Free Realms yesterday with the Game Update 122 patch! Head on over to Snowhill and check out all the festivities. If you need a hint check out our Snow Days Guide, which you can help update! 

This year's festivities include all the previous years' content plus new achievements and over 700 new collectibles--tradable toys available from loot wheels! The Free Realms community has already started tracking the new toys on the official forums.

Check out the complete Game Update 122 patch notes after the jump.

Game Update 122 Overview

Snow Days

  • Happy Holidays! All previous years Snow Days content is now active.
  • Loot wheels for encounters and minigames (except Crafty Robgoblins) now offer Snow Days toys! Over 700 variations are available to collect and trade!
  • New Snow Days achievements have been added.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Harvesting steps of Silversnow's Sapling now point to in-world harvesting nodes rather than the minigame.
  • Curious Gift Baskets text has been updated for Burnetta's Curious Creation recipe being sold by Mae Farnum.
  • The Reindeer mount is now capable of learning gliding.
  • Candy Cane weapons acquired via the Crafty Robgoblins instance had their combat effectiveness significantly improved.
  • NPCs Therin, Perry, Smitty, Tennin, Banter and Ryn had their store interactions returned to coin merchant types.


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