Star Wars: The Old Republic Launches 2.3 Update

A new moon, graphical updates, a new companion, and more await in the latest update to Bioware's MMO

Are your Jedi Knight's companions starting to feel a little dated? Does your Bounty Hunter's speeder bike not command the respect and fear you think a proper mount should bring? Republic and Empire players alike have reason to rejoice this week; BioWare has released its 2.3 update for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The new story arc for this update, "Titans of Industry," will bring you to the Czerka Corporation's privately-owned moon, CZ-198, for two new level 55 Flashpoints, Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown. Hard Mode is available for both of these instances for those willing and able to brave the challenge, but if you're just looking to follow the new story arc, the normal version of these Flashpoints is tuned for 2-4 players, allowing the Group Finder to put together a team of four much faster without the role restrictions.

There's more to the 2.3 update if new Flashpoints don't interest you, or you're just curious what you'll be doing while your guildmates aren't around for Hard Mode runs. Feeling tired of having nothing but speeder bikes to travel around on? Try out one of the new Tauntaun mounts available on Hoth. Finished all of your companion storylines? The Ewok mercenary, Treek, is available for those with the Cartel coins (or Credits if you're Legacy level 40) to spare.

Patch 2.3 also brings with it new reward vendors for next week's Bounty Contract Week event, a game-wide palette graphics update, new weapons for sale on CZ-198 and your normal bug fixed and gameplay tweaks you expect with a patch.

If you've had the chance to try out the new Titans of Industry content, let us know what you think. Does the storyline feel as polished as the original story or the other patches? Would you like to see more animal mounts in SW:TOR or are you all about the speeder bikes? Do you have a spot in your lineup for Treek or is your ship an Ewok-free zone? Lastly, for any former players like myself, is content like this the way to bring you back to the Force, or is something still keeping you away?

Michael "Ragar" Branham


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