Full Release of Super Spooktacular is Delayed

The Free Realms Halloween event quests will be in next week

Yesterday evening, Jason "Pex" Ryan gave us this heads-up about a delay in the full release of the Super Spooktacular event over on the official Free Realms forums:

Hey all!

I wanted to give an update on the rollout for the Super Spooktacular. Due to some issues with the new quests, we are going to have to delay some of the content until next week. That is the downside to new stuff, sometimes it takes longer than expected.

We are still going to do an update tonight with the Halloween costumes and the combat instances, but not the quests or world events. Those will have to happen next week.

Thanks for your patience!

Late last night a patch did add in costumes to the Station Cash store, so enjoy choosing out your favorite spook outfit. Visit our Super Spooktacular guide for full details on the event as it progresses.


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