Free Realms Birthday Bash

It's Party Time on Free Realms

In time for its one year anniversary, Free Realms released its Birthday Bash celebrations. Parties have cropped up all over Sacred Grove with the focus being on the capital of Sanctuary. Many NPCs are asking for your help to make this celebration the best it can be.

A new quest series introduces players to the root of birthday planner Camellia's problems. Through the series we learn how a recipe gone terribly wrong has unleashed Cakensteins all over Sacred Grove, and its up to us to save the day. Other NPCs around Sanctuary are reaching out for help with various problems and challenges.

Two unique battles have been introduced for the event, allowing players of all level ranges to participate. Rewards include unique items such as balloon weapons, t-shirts, house decorations and much more. Players who purchased all eight town-themed cakes in the Marketplace will be rewarded with a special Boss Birthday Cake!

The Free Realms Birthday Bash is planned to run until May 10, 2010.


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