Free Realms Introduces Pirate's Plunder

Earlier today, Free Realms introduced a new 3D minigame called Pirate's Plunder. Players be able t' go head on head wi' either matey, stranger or AI an' wage battles while findin' or stealin' booty.

Th' three different minigames--Arctic Bay, Shipwreck Cove an' Treasure Isle--each be havin' a unique terrain wi' th' elements o' th' minigame intertwined quite nicely. Whirlpools will transport ye t' a different spot on th' map while currents will speed up yer getaway. Beware th' cannon towers an' snag some power ups t' best yer swabbie combatants in battle!

O' course, wi' Free Realms, its nere just about th' games. Th' prize wheel be full o' goodies, such as a full swashbuckler outfit fer yersef an' yer dog or cat, as well as many housin' items, like th' Pirate King's Treasure Pile. In th' next week or so, th' Marketplace will be havin' additional housin' items, includin' an interactable pirate ship fer yer yard.

At this time, Pirate's Plunder be only available t' members. Get ready t' sail th' seas an' collect yer booty on Free Realms!


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