New Content Springs Into Free Realms

The Festival of Hearts has departed Free Realms for the year, but in its place players now have some new content to enjoy. Mysterious fences cropped up around the major towns of Sacred Grove, which were revealed to be the display pens for rideable mounts. These mounts offer players up to 150% of their movement speed when travelling through the realm, with the T-Rex and Dragon models currently available.

A couple of new pet species, groundhogs and owls, were also introduced with today's patch. Both come in a wide variety of colors and continue the trend to expand the widely popular pet market. Both the Marketplace and the Coin Shop received some new housing furniture and decorations, such as the Flower Round Rug and the Sunny Wedgeback Dining Chair.

SOE announced in a press release today that Free Realms has surpassed the nine million registered players mark. They mention their continued focus on listening to player feedback, development and unique in-game events.

These are the featured update notes from the official Free Realms forums:


  •  New Owl and Groundhog pets have been added to the marketplace! See the What's New article for more information!
  •  New variations of the T-Rex and Dragon mounts are now available for Members Only. The Spotted T-Rex and Scaled Dragon are available in six color each. 
  •  New Housing items have been added to the Decorations and Furniture sections of both the Marketplace and Coin Shop.


  •  The Festival of Hearts has ended for the year. It will take a while for all the decorations to be cleared away, but Stoneheart and the rest of the festival quests are back to sleep until next year.


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