Houses and Housing Items Missing After Patch

A maintenance patch that occured late in the evening on January 7 brought about a very unexpected bug--many players are now missing all coin or Station Cash purchased house items, and some have even reported that they no longer own a home at all. Less than an hour ago, developer Iceberg gave a response on the SOE forums:

"I'm not the official response or anything, but rest assured we are aware and on it.  I'm sure that you will hear from Pex or someone as soon as we know more about the situation and what's going to happen.  I'm sure this is alarming, but we will get everything back to normal before this is all said and done."

Pex just posted an official response at 9:05AM PST:

"The Robgoblins were busy last night. They cleaned out everyone, myself included. Rest assured we have our top people working on the problem and will have everything put back where it belongs.

Your items will get returned to their proper place. I don't know what will happen to items placed between now and the return of the old stuff, so to be safe I'd avoid trying to redecorate. They should return to your inventory, but best to not take chances.

We'll update you when we know more!"

Another update from Pex around 10:30AM PST:

"We've caught the Robgoblins responsible and are returning furniture to the homes as we speak!

Do not place any items until your old stuff returns or it may disappear."

Hopefully the final resolution on this issue, Chief Referee Scarlet updated us on the SOE FR General Forum around 12:40PM PST today:

"This issue should already be solved. 

If you believe you are still missing items, please do place a petition to the Referees.

Please do that by heading here:-"

Double check your homes, ensure that you have all of your items are present, and submit a ticket if you seem to be missing anything.


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