Halloween Dance Party Recap

Yesterday evening was the Halloween Dance Party, hosted by the SOE Community Team. The party ended up with a terrific turn-out, with a confirmed attendance of over 500 people. Freepers from all servers hopped over to server 1 and crammed shoulder-to-shoulder near the new Bone Bog Cemetery, dancing along to boom boxes and socializing with the Referees and the Community Team.

ZAM has set up a gallery of some of the people and moments we captured last night at the dance party. To view the gallery, click on the picture on the right. We also have two videos, which you can see after the hop.

As a side note, we're still awaiting more information regarding today's e-mail blast that was sent out. It confirmed that there would be a monthly Member Reward Pack with lots of goodies inside. Once we confirm sightings of this reward pack in game we'll get you the scoop on the new items!


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