10/02 Community Event: Memorial Caverns Pool Party

Later today, the community team of Free Realms are hosting a pool party in the Memorial Caverns. Keep warm inside while sporting your best swim wear and join your fellow players in having a splash of a time!

Date: Friday, October 2nd, 2009
Time: 4PM-6PM PDT
Server: 1

If you've never been to the Memorial Caverns before, you can reach it by either entering the caverns in the far north of Sanctuary, or teleporting to the Forgotten Caves dungeon on your map.

Update: Tonight's maintenance has unfortunately bumped into this community event. Pex has given an update on the situation:

If the servers come up before 6pm PDT tonight, we'll jump in the pool. Either way, I'll run the event again Tuesday or Wednesday so we can get a full party going on.


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