Smedley Hints at PlanetSide Next in Twitter Post

Back in July, ZAM editor Christopher "Pwyff" Tom wrote an editorial about PlanetSide's current-day relevance. "Interestingly, while Planetside is probably one of the best FPSMMORPGs I've played to date, it's also very sad to see that it's one of the most abandoned MMOs I've seen in quite some time," Pwyff said about the game, which was released by Sony Online Entertainment in 2003.

A few days after the editorial was published, SOE announced the game's existing servers would be merged into one on Aug. 25. The company stated the servers were combined "in the interest in maintaining a high level of competition and gameplay" in the MMO. But with only one realm to its name, what does the future hold for PlanetSide?

On Sept. 2, SOE President John Smedley made a cryptic post on his Twitter page that simply said, "PlanetSide Next..." He made another post 12 minutes later that said, "you will like." While this information isn't much to go on, it looks like SOE is working on a sequel (or at least an update) to the MMOFPS. It would certainly make sense considering PlanetSide has a loyal fanbase. Since many players complain SOE seems to have forgotten about the game, perhaps they will get the attention they crave in PlanetSide Next.


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