Update Notes for August 5th

Last night a small update went in that tweaked the difficulty of several Kart Racing and Demo Derby minigames, as well as added in some NPC tie-ins to the Free Realms comic book! Read the patch notes below the hop.

Racing & Demolition Derby

Tuned many Racing and Demolition Derby minigames and scenarios to make them easier to play and win!

  • Target Acquired
  • Ready to Redline
  • You Want To Go Fast?
  • Dominating at Wildwood
  • Dominating at Frost Ridge
  • Thunder Falls Sprint Challenge
  • SG Tour 400: Wildwood
  • SG Tour 400: Frost Ridge
  • SG Tour 400: Thunder Falls
  • SG Tour 400: Tangletrack
  • Wildwood Endurance Challenge
  • Frostridge Sprint Challenge
  • Frostridge Endurance Challenge
  • Thunder Falls Endurance Challenge
  • Routine Maintenance


Comic book heroes make their debut appearance! Visit Dane and Maya as they explore the horrors of Briarwood. Read more about their adventures in the Free Realms comic book!


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