RP Meet and Greet a Smashing Success!

Everyone gathered at the Roadhouse this past Saturday to help us kick off our Summer Role Play Events. Fun times were had by all as friends were made and stories told.  Click the picture at right for a gallery of all the fun!

The event started with introductions all around. Doctorr Zen elaborated on the philosophy behind "The Free Realms Protectors", while Geli Firewick and Brady Silenthill explained the vigorous dueling challenge needed to join their guild, "Guild of Fluffy Vorpal Kindness". Felicity Bluebell, a bakery chef, explained how she collected flowers in the wilderness to use in cake decorating.

Glitterwing, of “Free Spirits,” captured the audience’s attention with a story of mischievous fairies. Jourdi Windchaser was the winner of an impromptu Riddle Contest. We rounded off the event with some dancing and cake.

ZAM would like to thank everyone that participated in the event. A special thanks to “The Free Realms Protectors” for supplying the prize for the Riddle Contest. Keep an eye here and on the official forums for future event details.

See you in Free Realms!


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