Fan Faire: EQII Lore Review

At the Fan Faire Lore panel, Nathan "Kaitheel" McCall gave a lovely presentation of all the lore that came into the game into the last year.  It was fascinating to see how carefully everything dovetails together, from the live events foreshadowing The Shadow Odsysey to tantelizing hints of how this lore might move forward with Sentinal's Fate.

Kaitheel was kind enough to give us a copy of his presentation for your reading pleasure.  Enjoy!

A Prophet Returns (GU45) - May '08  TSO Prelude #1

A mysterious blight spread across Norrath's cities.  Seeress Ealayna Ithis, the Harbinger of Life, makes herself known as the Prophet for Rodcet Nife after she has a personal visit with the Prime Healer.

Gathering Tempest (GU46) - July '08  TSO Prelude #2

Wild Void storms appeared across Norrath. During which we learned that the major houses of arcanum including Freeport’s Academy of Arcane Science and Qeynos’ Concordium all descended from the ancient Temple of Solusek Ro.  But more interestingly, we learned Vurgo (one of the 6 names listed in the Obelisk of Lost Souls scroll “Knowledge Vessel Handling Procedures”) was one of the few leaders of the ancient temple order, and debatably the most influential and powerful of them.  He led the temple boldly in their crusade against the Shadowed Men.

Storm Break (GU47) - Aug '08  TSO Prelude #3

The Void Tempests continued to threaten Norrath!  The Academy of Arcane Science and the Concordium recruited volunteers to help battle the onslaught of void creatures spilling forth from the tempests, including the unnatural beast, the grathok.

Breaking Ground (GU48) - Sept '08  TSO Prelude #4

The Prophet of Healing, Seeress Ealaynya Ithis, was murdered!  Clandestinely, Anashti Sul had choosen her own emissary, a soon to be prophet.  The hunt for the Seeress’ murderer lead adventurers to discover this emissary, Plumetor Dul'Sadma.  The Scepter of Fyr which had originally belonged to Anashti Sul, the first Prime Healer, was taken from Seeress Ealayna Ithis by Plumetor Dul'Sadma when she killed her.  It was also during this event that the Seeress’ 3rd book of Prophecies was found.  The cryptic tome that claimed to shed light upon “The hidden and that which is to come”.
Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies: Book Three - The hidden and that which is to come

  • Chaos and mourning rules when the sword resides where the heart should be.
  • The contested lady under the waves guides those to growth.
  • The shrouded union of dead and dark doth stir a pot most turbulent.
  • Naught gone where others must follow to meet oblivion.
  • In the grip of claws are songs of truth and guidance never sung.
  • Though the moons may glow beautifully, it is the sun that grants them their shine.
  • The tomb of the hound hides the prism of a timeless betrayer.
  • The secret crypt of the hand of Enoxus leads to the fallen three.
  • The fate of a spurned daughter is threatened with princely plans of vengeance.

Raising the Banner (GU49) - Oct '08  TSO Prelude #5

A team of dedicated excavators and researchers known as D.I.R.T.Y. (Dedicated Individuals Recovering Technology of Yesteryear) found The Cloudskipper, the flying ship used by the Ethernauts, in the dunes of Sinking Sands!  The event continued as they refocused their efforts on construction.  Volunteers helped build a new airship based upon the one they found and its impressive launch-dock!  It is from this launch-dock that adventurers board the Skystrider and are taken to The Moors of Ykesha.

Raising the Banner (GU49) - Oct '08  Nights of the Dead '08

Nights of the Dead once again brought goblins and ghoulies out of the shadows.  Unsuspecting adventurers found themselves being lured into a nightmare situation within a haunted mansion in Loping Plains.

The origin of Nights of the Dead was finally told!  The celebration observes an event that occured in the early days of the Age of Destiny in which undead assaulted the city and lumbered through the streets of Maj'Dul, breaking down doors and rummaging through everything, as if searching for something. The only people slain or injured were those that attempted to halt the undead. They left the city a week later, after the missing item had been located.  The people were never sure what it was they sought or where they had came from.

Meanwhile now, in Neriak, it was revealed that Queen Cristanos would not allow the city to openly celebrate the holiday.  Though only hinted at, it was due of the danger it signified.  The Dark Bargainers of Neriak had been appointed by the Queen to repair the broken Ewer of Sul'Dae, a planar artifact secretly removed from the lost city of Ahket Ahken within the Desert of Ro. The Dark Bargainers were working feverishly to obtain secret recipes and techniques to repair the planar artifact, but this was, in fact, the item that triggered the undead assault upon Maj'Dul back in the Age of Destiny.  She is not afraid of undead, but she did not want others to learn of the planar item The Dark Bargainers had retrieved.  The celebration of the holiday within Neriak she felt was too close for comfort.

The Shadow Odyssey (GU50) - Dec '08  Frostfell '08

Gigglegibbers and Frostfell elves celebrated the season in every city and the Frostfell Wonderland Village.  Snarf Frostfoot, a lone Snow Goblin within the Wonderland Village sent adventurers to slay a new ice dragon being guarded by the Maidens of E'ci within an Icy Keep.  The dragon must be slain before it has a chance to hatch and enslaves his kind like Lady Vox once did.  But the dragon survives and is sure to be seen again!

Meanwhile, it is proven that “gifty” elves bruise quite easily!

The Shadow Odyssey (GU50) - Feb '09  Erollisi Day

Erollisi Day brought the Sisterhood of Erollisi out of their self-imposed seclusion within the island village of Tearfall, as they visited Antonica and the Swornlove siblings.  They too have experienced their powers dwindling despite some of the gods returning, and are troubled by Erollisi’s continued absence.  It was confirmed at this time that something is amiss with Erollisi, thus keeping her from returning to Norrath.  Innoruuk is proud that “The daughter of hate, crowned in treachery, sealed the fate of Valor's twin.”

The 8 Virtues of Marr are also specified at this time to be:

  • Charity
  • Compassion
  • Devotion
  • Honor
  • Love
  • Sacrifice
  • Truth
  • Valor

Elements of Corruption (GU51) - March '09

It was revealed that Najena had been working feverishly to unlock the powers and secrets of an artifact once in her possession, the Rune of Theer.  Sensing a possible future, and terrified at the amount of power contained within this tiny rune, she was studying and researching it to form counter magics.  But, she delved too deep.  Rifts within the magical world were felt during her labors.  The agents of Theer alerted a champion to come forward in an attempt to deal with Najena’s meddling.  When she found herself attacked in her own sanctum she cast a spell which revealed the Void activity in Lavastorm, and elsewhere on Norrath!

Monument and Might (GU52) - June '09

We experience Kunark being invaded by a new and mysterious force from abroad!  Little is known about the Order of Rime, and even less is known about their imposing leader, the Warlord Kraytoc Killingfrost.  But what is clear is that they were inspired to pilage Kunark by the tales told by an Iksar dirge named Elna Tsernin.

  • Stealing the Sun – an ancient tale of the burynai
  • Fickle Fate, a ditty once sung by Skeletal Jesters within the Field of Bone
  • The known history of Kurn’s Tower
  • The Tale of Ik – A Summary of the Sebilisian Empire.

For information on the lore surrounding the upcoming Sentinel's Fate, please see our EverQuest II Fan Faire Report.




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